A Simple Guide to Choosing Your Milk

For each moon milk beverage, the milk you choose will be based on your personal preference and dietary guidelines. The list below is a mere description of each if you're interested in exploring the subtle nuances and flavors - and potentially having a milk tasting if you're unfamiliar with a few!

The milk you end up choosing will create a varying effect on the taste of your beverage. Do you want it creamier, lighter, nuttier, or more tropical tasting?

Here are some of my favorite's with a description of their subtle flavors to help you choose:

Coconut Milk: tropical, floral, bright, rich, creamy

Almond Milk: subtle nutty, sweet, light

Whole, Organic Cow's Milk: earthy, sweet, thicker mouth feel

Oat Milk: thicker feel like cow's milk, but light, slightly sweet

Cashew Milk: very creamy, slightly nutty 

There are still so many other plant-based milk's that I have yet to try: macadamia, pecan, hemp, flax, hazelnut, pea, and more. 

Check out what milk's are offered at your local grocery store and do a milk tasting to see which plant based milk you may prefer. Then, if you want to get a bit fancy, you could try to make it yourself at home to make it as fresh and wholesome as possible.

Here are the steps:

1) Soak a cup of raw, unsalted nuts in water overnight

2) Drain and rinse in the morning, then blend in a high speed blender

3) Add the blended nuts, 4 cups of water, optional sweetener (maple syrup), and 1/2 tsp vanilla extract

4) Strain the mixture through a nut bag or cheesecloth to get rid of excess pulp

5) Refrigerate and enjoy within 4 days

Good luck, and have fun tasting & making your drinks!



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