5 Helpful Ways to "Create Your Calm"

Right now, there are numerous and diverse difficulties going on in the world around us and most likely, our own life as well. Though we can't control most of these circumstances, there is power in being able to find rest and restoration during difficult periods.

Here are 5 tools to find rest, restoration and calm.

1) Look at the sky

“The majority of our interactions with the world focus on a small part of our visual fields and almost always towards the horizon or at what’s right in front of us.”

2) Schedule a chat with a friend or family member

Sometimes, it helps to get out of our own head and lives by reaching out to someone else. When’s the last time you talked to your cousin on your mom’s side? Or your funny uncle on your dad’s? You most likely have one family member that you used to know when you were younger well. Or maybe, one that you don’t know well enough. Choose someone, then Facebook or e-mail them and ask if they’re available for an evening video chat or call to catch up next week. You’ll most likely feel more grounded and content afterward.

3) Identify the catalyst 

4) Visualize a few years from now

“Visualization is more important than knowledge.”

5) Drink a calming beverage

Lastly, staring off into the distance while sipping a warm beverage can help bring you clarity and peace in a few minutes. At Dream Tea, we're a big fan of moon milk and most other warm beverages, and like to utilize it as a daily ritual. Moon milk itself is great because it doesn't include any caffeine and includes many other benefits like antioxidants and tryptophan to help you relax.

I hope you enjoy these tips and create your own calm.








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