What is Moon Milk?
Moon milk is a warm drink derived from Ayurvedic traditions typically made from a mixture of spices, natural sweeteners, and milk.  One of the core principles of Ayurveda is finding a harmonized approach to the mind, body, and soul. Good sleep is obviously an important part of that, hence the advent of moon milk, which is also praised for its stress-relieving properties.
Is Moon Milk good for you? What are its benefits?
Moon milk has many beneficial ingredients in each drink to help you relax and find calm in your everyday life. To learn more about the benefits in each ingredient, click here.
Where is Dream Tea Shoppe located and who runs it?
Dream Tea Shoppe is located in Austin, TX and is owned and operated by caring, entrepreneurial women. Our values and mission statement are located here.
Is Moon Milk just for bedtime?
Not at all, you can enjoy Moon Milk at any time of the day to relax, much like chai.
Where do you get your ingredients?
All ingredients are sourced from high-quality domestic suppliers.  We evaluated several offshore sources but couldn’t find the quality we were seeking.
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